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Retractable Sun Awnings


We offer the best quality retractable awnings from several manufacturers including Aristocrat (Craft Bilt Manufacturing), Perfecta, and Stobag. We will recommend the ideal product and solution to your shading needs when we visit your home and assess your shading needs.


ARISTOCRAT AWNINGS - Craft Bilt Manufacturing, a family owned business established in 1947, produces a complete awning product line including Retractable and Stationary awnings, Canopies and Pergola systems. With a lifetime framework warranty and 12 year warranty for their Northport acrylic fabrics the Aristocrat line is at the top from quality, performance and price. ade with US and European components their awnings are better than any of the competition. Their Estate retractable awning with a hood and front tray tightly seals the fabric roller tube and protects the stowed fabric. Maintenance free for winter months. The fabric tray is unique to the Aristocrat system and also eliminates the need for a fabric roller tube center support used by other manufacturers which can rub and wear the fabric. Window awnings, European style "basket" awnings and totally enclosed cassette awning styles are available in many different framework colors.


PERFECTA AWNINGS - We recommend Perfecta awnings because of their excellent German design, compact size when retracted and their long term (well past the 10 year the frame warranty period) trouble free performance history. Assembled in PA f rom German components, Perfecta is a stronger and more flexible awning system using a galvanized steel torsion mounting bar, and fabric roller tube, versus lighter aluminum used by competing systems


STOBAG - Swiss Quality! We are proud to offer the finest and most versatile line of retractable shading products available in the World! STOBAG was introduced into the US in the fall of 2007 and is light years ahead of the competition. STOBAG has a RETRACTABLE SOLUTION TO ANY SHADING PROBLEM!! Their systems are magnificently engineered, strongly built, and made with Swiss craftsmanship. Visit our home page for a link to their product line.


If you travel outside the US you have seen their products since they are available and in use World Wide! Now they are available in Northern Virginia. More About STOBAG Awnings


Retractable Awning Fabrics


Today's awnings are made of 100% acrylic woven fabrics and come with a 10 year limited warranty. The fabric manufacturer will supply new fabric free to replace fabric found to have a manufacturing defect. While the manufacturer does not cover labor and installation provided by the dealer, Montgomery Shade & Awning, Ltd. covers this portion for our original customers.


Major manufacturers include:



Fabric Replacement


We offer new and replacement acrylic fabric covers for all brands of retractable awnings, with welded seams and /or sewn using Gore Tenara thread. Welded seams and Tenara thread are warranted for the life of the acrylic fabric.